General Information

Camera Shooting Please refrain from camera shooting during the session.
Child Day Care Center You can use the day nursery in the Kobe Portopia Hotel. Please ask directly for more details to the following. Please note that you need to make a reservation one day in advance with your own expense.
Child care room ’Fantastic Alice’ Kobe Portopia Hotel
URL: version only)
Cloak There will be a hotel cloak available at the 1st floor in South wing near Portopia Hall during the registration opening hours.
Disaster In case of alarming sounds during the Conference, please follow the staff's instruction.
Eating and Drinking June 30th: No eating and drinking in Portopia Hall.
July 1st: Bringing food and drink may permitted at the Room "Topaz" & "Emerald".
Emergency In case of emergencies during the Conference, please contact the staff at the Information Desk. A first aid room is located at the CS Room on the 1st floor. There are AEDs in front of the lobby of the Kobe Portopia Hotel and gym at 4th floor.
Information Desk The Information desk is located as following. Staff at the Information desk will be pleased to assist you with your inquiries.
June 30th: 2nd floor of the Portopia hall
July 1st:B1Floor in front of the Topaz
Lost and Found For lost and found items, please stop by Information Desk.
Messages A message board is placed in the Information Desk.
Mobile phones As a courtesy to speakers and other delegates, we request that all mobile phones and pagers are turned off before entering the Conference sessions.
Name Tags All participants, official guests and accompanying persons are required to wear their name tags during all events. Admission to the sessions is restricted to registered participants wearing their name tags.
Official language The official language is English. Japanese translation will be provided at the Portopia Hall.(Note: The translation receiver is available to rent in Portopia Hall at 3rd floor.) 
Oral Presentation with Poster Poster sessions will take place at the Room "Topaz" & "Emerald" on the B1Floor. The posters can be viewed on:
No.A-1-1 - No.B-6-10 July 1st (Sun) 9:00-11:50
No.C-1-1 - No.D-6-9 July 1st (Sun) 13:30-16:20
Participants will have the opportunity to speak with presenters.
Public phones There are several public phones in the 1st floor.
Registration We advise you to receive your documents as soon as possible upon arrival. The registration desks will be opened at the following schedule:
June 30th (Sat) 8:30-18:00
July 1st (Sun) 8:30-16:30
Security Any security problems or concerns should be reported to staff members.
Smoking Smoking is prohibited in any Conference areas.
Staffs During the Conference, staffs will be more than happy to assist you at any time. The staffs are easily identified by their color of the name tag.